Version 1.1.11

In light of how the year has gone, it’s understandable you might want to run into the path of a couple Monoliths, lie down, and refuse to move. But that should be your choice, right?

Accidental input has been a dark cloud over us all. Now, with version 1.1.11, it’s a thing of the past. Per user requests, we’ve changed the input to accept player choices only during the player’s turn, and multi-tile movement (“running”) cannot be queued unless all the enemies are gone. Slimes are an exception; if you run into a slime, that’s on you. It’s their planet, after all.

The new version is pending on Android right now. It’ll take me a few more days for iOS. Apple implemented some new back-end requirements that I’ll need to sort out before they’ll accept the build.

As always, if you run into any bugs or have suggestions for the game, email us at [email protected].