BHSL in the press!

Jared Nelson at TouchArcade, Stephen Gregson-Wood at Pocket Gamer, and an unnamed hero at a Hungarian gaming site each gave us a writeup!

We’re blown away by the attention. It feels incredible knowing that someone across the globe is playing your game–your “bizarre roguelike,” as our new favorite person Mr. Nelson dubbed it in his article. It is wonderful to tell a story and have it heard by so many people.

Regarding the “roguelike” appellation: I (the coding half of SIG) am pleased. I do not know if purists would agree, although BHSL does not do too badly under the Berlin Interpretation. I’m a fan of the genre in both its classic, hardcore form, and the post-Diablo variants like Binding of Isaac. I’m currently playing through POWDER, since I never have finished it, though my enjoyment for the core roguelikes has always outstripped my skill at them. Still, my dream project would be a classical roguelike in the Space Lizard universe.

Remember, although we’re releasing on October 8, you can join the open beta through Google Play or Apple’s Testflight program right now!