BHSL Best-of-October Media Release

Contact: Nick Podsiadlik

Email: [email protected]


“A highly tactical turn-based roguelike in a similar vein to Hoplite” with “serious chops when it comes to gameplay.” -TouchArcade (Game of the Week)

October 27, 2019 – Phoenix, Arizona – Bounty Hunter Space Lizard, a new game in October for Android and iOS, has rolled out a major new update securing its place as one of the best new games of October 2019.

You are a lizardperson, despondent. You alienated your friends and family trying to sell Cutcorp Knives through an MLM, your human lover left you to become a veterinarian, and your trip to discover yourself has left you stranded in orbit around a culturally conservative desert planet with few lizardpeople, a poor interwebs connection, and little variety in cuisine. The only way forward? You must play the most dangerous game.

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard won’t be mistaken for anything but itself, and that’s a good thing. At the bottom, it’s a turn-based, small-map tactics game in the same vein as Hoplite. Its mechanics, however, draw as much from roguelikes as from classic arcade games and Bomberman.

You start each level on a single-screen map with semi-randomized obstacles in the middle. The sides wrap around, like in Pac-Man. This opens up strategies for escaping, shooting through the wrap, being shot through the wrap, or accidentally shooting yourself if you’re very careless. The terrain can be changed with bombs. Black bombs blow up the obstacles while creating flames, which themselves act as barriers to movement and shooting. Pink bombs create a small flock of flamingos, which slow down progress as the enemy must cut through them to get to you. Each flamingo drops ammunition, giving the game a slight crafting angle as you collect and exchange bombs for bullets. The core game loop really comes in through “haste orbs,” which are dropped when you slash an adjacent enemy. Each orb gives you three free turns, and the key to winning is to chain together melee attacks and more orbs.

BHSL was released earlier this month and has already garnered positive press. This weekend, it rolled out a new update, introducing five new maps, a new “sensitive touch” control mode, and improved performance. Its novel gameplay, strategy mechanics, and compelling story make it one of the best new mobile games of October.

View the trailer or get it from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Stay Inside Games is a new indie studio comprised of Nick Podsiadlik and Amy Manning. Nick is a public defender turned programmer, and Amy is a painter and ceramic artist who’s taken on game art as a new challenge.


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