Now free (no ads/IAPs) on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is a turn-based strategy game focused on tactical movement around small maps. Get it now free (no ads/IAPs) on iOS, Android, or for your Amazon Fire.

“One of the quirkiest but also one of the most tactical roguelikes on mobile.”
TouchArcade, Game of the Week

“It’s about smart movements and clever attacks . . . It’s hard, it’s fun, and that’s great.”
PocketGamer, 5 Best New Games

“The game keeps shaking things up, shifting from clockwork stealth to a chess take on Bomberman.”
TechRadar, Best Free Strategy Games for Android

“[T]here’s a lot going on here, with cleverly designed rules, and plenty of variety in the challenges you face.”
TechRadar, Best Free iPhone Game of the Week

“[I]t takes time for the rules to click, and for you to master the game’s various strategies and weapons. Throughout, though, it’s a masterpiece.”
Macworld (Best Free iPhone Games 2020, #15)

BHSL is a “wonderfully pared-back, turn-based roguelike … clearly a labour of love for the small team at Stay Inside Games.”
Metro UK (Best New Mobile Games)

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is not just a cool name for a game, but also a pretty fun high-score chasing roguelike.”

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is sure to be a new mobile classic.”

Here are some screenshots, or watch the trailer: